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E30 M3 Seat Guide

In these pages, you'll find what I have been able to gather about the fitment of aftermarket seats in the e30 m3. If you have any data to add, please email it to me at the address at the bottom of this page. Please include:

  1. The seat make/model
  2. The brackets, sliders, and/or height adjustable sliders and what make/model (or custom) was used
  3. The distance beteen the seat cushion (lowest part, probably next to seat back), and the sunroof liner
  4. Any pictures you want posted here
  5. Any other comments about the setup


Contributor Seat make/model Floor bracket Sliders Measurement
stock stock stock stock 37.5"
Stock US m3, seat at lowest position
Kevin P Recaro SRD Recaro BMW adapter BMW sliding mounts 36"
Tony M Recaro SRD shorter Wedge brackets Recaro height adjustable 37.5"
"The height adjustable sliders were at their lowest setting in the rear and at their highest setting up front. This gives the seat bottom the angle needed to be the most comfortable."
Jonathan F Recaro SRD Speedware Motorsports Recaro non height adjustable 37.5"
"The Speedware brackets have provisions for mounting your stock seatbelt receivers."
Mike R Sparco Supersports custom Sparco 37"
"The mounts themselves are about 1.5" tall."
Bruce Sparco America custom none 42"
"custom with no adjusters at all (I need max headroom)...side mount"
Steven J Recaro Speed VAC Motorsports Recaro non height adjustable 38.5"
Adwo H Recaro SR/SRD Speedware Motorsports Recaro non height adjustable 37"
Mark H Recaro SRD VAC Motorsports Recaro non height adjustable 38.5"
Alexander A Recaro SRD Speedware Recaro non height adjustable 37.5"-37.75"
Alex B Recaro Speed Wedge Engineering low brackets Recaro height adjustable sliders 38.125"

Installation Pictures:
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  1. I have an 89 m3. I have great stock seats in it now but also have an expensive set of Recaro Evo leather seats I want to put in it. I have no brackets for it and want the most basic mounts, but allow for height and sliders. What should I use?

  2. I’ve been out of the m3 world for a while now. Sorry I can’t be of much help beyond what you’ll find above.

  3. I’m using this on my SRD: shorter Wedge brackets + Recaro height adjustable

    works very well

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