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2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited Wagon

This is my latest ride. Seems to be more reliable than the Audi (though I liked the Audi styling better). Not to mention its way more powerful. :)

The only things I've done to it other than the usual maintenance:

  • Added OEM Subaru Outback towing receiver (bolted right up to the legacy wagon)
  • Dedicated snow tires and wheels
  • All synthetic oils
  • Replaced torn front control arm bushings with AVO Turboworld units
  • Upgraded oil pickup tube (apparently prone to breaking off)
  • ACT clutch and single mass flywheel (new parts from a similar model year WRX)

What I really need to do to it:

  • Disable the damn seat belt chime permanently. Its invasive.

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Update June 2013: The clutch was feeling pretty iffy, weird engagement, chattering a bit, but no slipping. Decided to upgrade to a WRX single pass setup. Even if you try to be nice to a clutch in an all wheel drive vehicle, it still takes a beating. Here are pics of the old materials:

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  1. Love your car. does it have the leather interior? I’ve been looking for a white one with the manual transmission and black leather interior for weeks now. seems that they’re a little difficult to track down.

  2. Yeah, black leather. I got lucky in finding one of the last fully loaded 2.5 GT Limited wagons. I’ve only seen one or two others in the last few years, though I haven’t exactly been looking hard either. Just added pics from the torn front control arm bushings – the car feels way more responsive in the front end.

  3. 1. Turn engine on (may work in ACC, but definitely when on).

    2. Within 30 secs of ignition, clip/unclip drivers side seatbelt 20 times.

    Setting will last until the microprocessor is reset or battery disconnected.

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