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1991 Sentra SE-R

Sold when I moved to New Jersey. I don't own it anymore, but, here is what it was:

  • 1991 Sentra SE-R
  • 2.0L DOHC I4
  • 140hp stock

My modifications:

  • 93/94 interior swap
  • JWT pressure plate/stock disk
  • ES motor mounts
  • Hyperco custom 300/200lb springs (non-coilover)
  • Koni shock inserts
  • ES suspension bushings (complete)
  • ActiveTuning rear strut tower bar
  • HotShot header
  • HKS exhaust
  • custom built cold air intake
  • Progress adjustable rear antisway bar
  • 205-50-15 Kuhmo 712s on old school Boyds
  • Nissan NX seat rails (3/4" lower)

Man, this car was fun. I think it was up to around 150HP to the wheels.

Taken from Bald Peak, just outside Portland, Oregon.

The top seat rail is the stock one, the bottom is the NX one. As you can see, it's about 3/4" shorter. Definately nice for taller drivers.

As you can see, aftermarket tie rods for the b13 Sentras are shorter (the top one). Don't install them if you've lowered your car even a little bit!

This is the custom aluminum cold air intake I built, right next to a Odyssey PC680 battery.

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