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Stumbled across a new project

On and off I've thought about getting another project car at some point. I've liked the mid 80s bimmers for a while now, so I couldn't help but notice a bunch of e28 5 series in a fenced off lot near here. Left a note on the gate and got a phone call a few days later. It turns out they were a mechanic's car across the street. Went to talk to him about them when he pointed me to a 1984 633 CSi sitting behind the shop. These are based on the same chassis, and after finding out that all his 5 series were the smaller motor ones, I decided to jump in on this one instead.
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Need to get it running again and registered again, then to come up with a Plan...

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Just barely fits

The houses around here don't have much driveway space, let alone a usable garage. I lucked out and found a house with a pretty long driveway and enough of a garage to be able to get a car in. Unfortunately, there isn't much room left. It'll definitely take some reorganization and removal of some stuff to be able to work on this without having to push it out into the driveway each time.

Thanks for the help towing it back and pushing it up the driveway!


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