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Well, I enjoyed driving the car around for a while, but it was starting to feel too sluggish. :) Time to get on to the next stage!

First, the cooling system needing addressing. Noisy water pump, something up with the thermostat, and who knows the last time the coolant was flushed. Turns out to have a very old thermostat - maybe the original even! Got a new pump, thermostat, housing. Hopefully the sensors work fine, but they could be up for replacement too.


And for the megasquirt ECU conversion, a bunch of sensors needed to be updated to work with it.

  • New matched 60lb Deka injectors
  • Later model crankshaft ┬áposition sensor and 60-2 toothed wheel
  • 6 pin throttle position sensor

These are installed, but not patched into the wiring harness yet.




And, I need to research this more, but there is a cold start injector in the bottom of the intake manifold. I don't think this is necessary any more, and I could probably use it for water-methanol injection when the turbo comes along!

More on the megasquirt conversion in the next post...


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