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front rebuilt

I totally failed to get any pictures here, got lost in the process of trying to get it done so I could drive it instead of working on it.

The front went back together easily, and now has:

  • Flushed power steering
  • All new steering tie rods, idler arm, etc
  • New upper and lower control arms with poly bushings
  • Steering strut spacers (correct for lowered geometry)
  • Offset camber plates (non adjustable)
  • Suspension techniques sway bars in the new Energy Suspension brackets
  • H&R springs and Bilstein sport shocks to match the rear

And a completely redone brake system:

  • e32 (1990) 735 front rotors/calipers
  • e34 (1994) 540 vented rear rotors/calipers
  • rebuilt calipers, parking brake
  • new e32 (1989) 735 master cylinder
  • flushed out with Ate super blue (before it disappeared!)

And the whole thing aligned by the guys at Johns Frame and Alignment (highly recommended).

The brake upgrade is pretty amazing for just using larger parts from other cars, and was really cost effective since most of the parts came from the junkyard (but were rebuilt by me).

Very pleased to be able to drive it now, just needs a few minor tune up items including new plugs, running some Seafoam cleaner through it.

And, to top it off, I was able to sell the old seats and old wheels for nearly half the cost of the vehicle.

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