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subframe rework

The plan was to lower the car a bit (but not drop it on the ground or anything), so I knew it would be nice to remove some of the recently added negative camber that would result, so the Ireland Engineering trailing arm camber/toe plates were welded in and slotted. This was so much easier with a electric die grinder and a nice carbide cutting bit. So much faster than trying to grind them down or file by hand. Here they are tack welded in place.


The inner camber adjustment plate created an interference issue in the top most position. I cut a section of the mount out. I decided not to reinforce it, but will have to keep an eye on it. This seemed to be the accepted way of doing this with other e28 subframes.


Half of the old subframe bushings were already out (fell out), and given the size of them, I opted to cut the metal portion out with a sawzall and hammer it out. Pressed in new AKG poly subframe bushings:


One piece done, on to the control arms!

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