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New seats test fit

One of the things that has annoyed me in the past is trying to be as tall as I am and fitting into a car with a helmet on. This usually involves leaning over so the helmet can fit into the sunroof area (not fun) or tilting the seat back far enough to clear (not fun). I decided this car would be different and fix that issue. Between the stock "comfort" seats being neither comfortable nor supportive, and them being trashed in the first place, I've been on the look out for a new set of sport seats.


It also turns out these seats weight about 75 pounds each. They are power everything, including headrests.

The goal isn't to make a period correct BMW, but to get sport seats in it that fit me better and are more supportive that don't look too out of place. I didn't want to go the bucket route either, too much a pain to get in and out of the car. So I found a set of Neon SRT-4 seats locally on craigslist, and they seem to fit the bill fairly well. Black, high bolsters, no logos on them, and easily modifiable. These seats are also fully manual, so they weigh about 30 pounds less each, or 60 pounds off the car weight.


With the previous water leaks that created a pretty wet passenger side, and some really dirty carpet, I pulled out the carpet and padding to get it dried out properly. This was also convenient for test fitting the seats and inspecting for any rust damage. The stock foam was in decent shape, aside from being water logged. The thick rubber coating on the foam however just cracked and came apart. Not sure what can be reused and what will be new yet.

It looks like I'll need to remove at least the rear brace in the floor pan and weld in a new one. Probably the front one too since it sits pretty high and would interfere with the ability to slide the seat forward.

Still need to figure out how to address the carpet situation. Can either try to clean the existing (although it is tan), buy a replacement aftermarket kit, or recarpet it myself. The replacement kit would be ideal, but it won't fit properly around the seat area because of these bracket modifications.

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